Welcome to the website of Tony Tucker and Raleigh Custom Clothiers.

Raleigh Custom ClothiersCustom clothing is fit perfectly to over 12 measurements of your body, and also includes consideration of collar style that is right for you, cuff style, pocket style and your personal monogram.

Compare that to store-bought clothes, where the suits and pants are assembly line and cookie cutter, our custom builder in Raleigh will not be matched.  These store-bought clothes also wear out sooner than our custom made clothing.

I' ve been in the clothing business for 32 years, starting out as a clothing salesman, getting into management, then working for a custom clothing company and then starting my own business in 2001.

I specialize in going to see clients in the convenience of their office or their home and saving them time and money in the way they take care of their clothing needs.

What I do for you as a client is:

  • * Come to your location

  • * Make recommendations for your clothing based on your social demands, business demands, hair color, eye color, complexion, body build and other factors

  • * I recommend patterns, colors and styles that are right for you

  • * Take care of your existing wardrobe by keeping it altered (customized fitting) and tailored, and also reweaving services.

  • * I work from swatches of cloth and a catalog, so you can see an actual sample of the cloth.  I will help you choose clothes that will be perfectly fit to your body and face, and you will have a much nicer and larger choice of fabric and style.  I have over 1,500 fabrics of men's suits, blazers and pants, and over 3,000 fabrics for shirts.

  • * In the future when you are ready for additional clothes, I will already have a relationship with you and have a feel for what you like and need, compared to going to a store where you will always be talking to a stranger who does not know you.


Definition of "Custom Shirts"

Raleigh Custom ClothiersCustom shirts is the #1 article of clothing that our clients love.  This is because the shirt is going to be worn all the time (compared to a jacket which is taken off and hung up at times during the business day).  Since you are in your shirt all day long, three of the advantages of custom shirts are that:

1) They look well

2) They fit well

3) They last longer than a "ready-made off-the-rack" store-bought shirt, because custom shirts are made to thirteen measurements of your body, instead of the two U.S. government measurements of the neck length and the sleeve length.  A custom shirt will save money in the long run because it will last longer and the comfort level is much higher than a store-bought ready-made shirt.

With custom dress shirts, what I do is that I come to the convenience of your office or home and I get your measurements and I'll recommend collars that are right for your facial shapes.  A lot of times when you go into a store you might find a shirt that you like the fabric of, but you don't like the collar style, the cuff style, pocket style or the monograms and so forth.

Those are four of the advantages of custom shirts.  I make recommendations that are right for your facial shapes, and also which style of collar you should be wearing for your facial shape. Your collar has a big effect on how you look.  I help you choose a pocket style, a cuff style and get your monograms that you want on the shirt.

I also have over 3,000 choices of fabrics for your custom shirts, and will help you choose the right shirts, collar, cuff, pocket and monogram.

The Advantages of Custom Blazers , Custom Sportcoats, Custom Pants

Raleigh Custom ClothiersI can offer you a much larger selection, along with 1,500 swatches of cloth to choose from for your custom suits, sportcoats, blazers and pants, so you're not limited to the small, narrow selection that a retail clothing store is going to have to choose from.  You get to pick out what you like, what you want, and you are not limited to the store's selection of what they have hanging on the rack to sell you.

Then you get to style it the way you want, so you are not limited to the styles that the retail stores have.  So if you want a one-button jacket, or double-breasted, or three button, you are free to have those choices.  Compare that to a store where you are stuck with only the two-button suits that are hanging on the rack.

The number of pleats on your pants and other classy subtleties of men's clothing can be fit to your needs and look.  These are the bells, whistles and options of distinguished men's clothing.


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